Church Urban Fund - July 2013

Harvest celebrations may be far from your thoughts right now but Church Urban Fund resources for Harvest will be available on their website from 15th August. They write:

Harvest means different things in different congregations. Whether you are in a rural parish, with the fruits of the earth all around you, or in the city or suburbs, for all of us it can be a time to reflect on the food we receive as gifts of God. A time, too, to think about sharing with those in need.

Your church may be looking at mission overseas this year or some other focus for your Harvest reflections. At Church Urban Fund we focus on Tackling Poverty Together here in England. Through our network of partner projects and joint ventures with dioceses we are reaching some of the poorest people in England. Families that have genuinely been hit by the current economic climate, working families that need support that is more than a trip to the Food Bank. Trained partner project volunteers and staff are Tackling Poverty Together by offering support and advice as well as gifts of food; but more importantly offering personal contact to those who feel isolated and excluded from society.

If you would like to join us in Tackling Poverty Together this Harvest please download resources from our website from 15th August.

Church Urban Fund, Church House, Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3AZ
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