The Church of England have announced they will use twitter and other forms of social media to hear views from as wide a range of people as possible – including people of other faiths and none, for example, including the Chief Rabbi and Professor Richard Dawkins.

The process, run by The Crown Nominations Commission, wil begin with a widespread public consultation, due to finish by the end of May.  A spokesman for the Church of England said the invitation would be made through the church press but also through other media including the social networking site Twitter, where the CofE already posts news in nuggets of 140 characters or less. Tweeters and others will be asked to offer names and “views on the needs of the diocese of Canterbury and the wider community”.

If you wish to comment on the challenges and opportunities that should be taken in to account in considering the appointment of his successor or who wishes to propose candidates should email, by Monday 30th April, to or tweet Church of England (@c_of_e) on Twitter.

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