Forbes’ ranking of the 40 highest paid hedge fund managers globally is out, six are situated in Europe:

  1. Alan Howard of Brevan Howard ($400m in 2011)
  2. David Harding of Winton Capital management ($150m in 2011)
  3. Michael Platt of BlueCrest Capital management ($125m in 2011)
  4. Yan Huo of Capula Investment management ($100m in 2011)
  5. Colm O’Shea of Comac Capital ($100m in 2011)
  6. Anthony Todd of Aspect Capital ($70m in 2011)

As Brevan Howard showed in 2010, the earnings of the founders or star hedge fund manager are not necessarily indicative of high pay all round: Alan Howard earned £440m, but the average for everyone else was £235k.

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