I recently blogged over at the Youthwork the conference blog:

Most days I seem to read of a youth worker on twitter or facebook who is tired, burnt-out, on the verge of quitting.  There’s so much of ministry life that is exhausting.  Many people in ministry aren’t even slowing down enough to be faithful to God’s call for Sabbath.

The best advice I received from a ministry mentor was to faithfully guard and protect that day of rest.  Without an intentional guard, it’s easy to slip into justifying non-Sabbath actions (e.g. “I’m just going to pop into the office” … “I’m just going to check my email” … “this doesn’t count as work, it’s just prep” … “I’m so far behind – I just need to catch up”).

So often we’re driven by the need to do “just a little more” while chasing the false hope that it’ll take “just a minute.”  We feel that we haven’t achieved what we should have done, and so we hope that by working a little bit extra we may pacify some of our guilt and pain.

It is amazing how arrogant we can be, to think that us working a few extra minutes would make a difference in God’s mission.  Instead we need to slow down and to trust in God.

What about you? How are you at maintaining a day of rest each week?

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