Huffington Post recently posted an infographic on how to set up your desk for your best day at work.

So often in youth work we don’t think about the difference these things can make to our effectiveness.

Desk infographic

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0 thoughts on “What makes a good leader?”

  1. Have been musing this and decided it is impossible to answer as no one quality will do it. I would say humility is an absolute key but that needs be in the context of other skills, self awareness and abilities. I’d also say self awareness and the ability to listen, as well as being able to live and communicate vision.

    eeek, I’m on the verge of waffling. These are the key attributes that Alistair Campbell recently listed. There is some wisdom therein:

    Clarity of objective and strategy. Only then go tactical.

    The best team leaders are the best team players



    Staying calm in a crisis. Listen but lead, not listen and lead

    Patience. Take your time if you have to.

    Set the media agenda. Don’t let them set it for you.

    Get your head above the parapet when the s***t’s flying

    Encourage enterprise and ideas at all levels of your organisation in a non-blame culture.

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