This morning we popped over to IKEA with David and Margie to buy some furniture for our new house. We ended up picking up a couple of chest of drawers which I spent this afternoon building. The first one is always a bit of a challenge, but the second one was really easy to do. Flat pack furniture often has a bad name but it was so easy to do.

I noticed Weird Hippy was also spending today building flat pack furniture (and succeeded) – obviously a good day to do it on. While we were there I persuaded David (who has changed his blogging home), who has been looking for a new chair, to go for it and buy a new one which he is now sitting on as we watch Grease is the Word together (Go Joanna!).

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0 thoughts on “Haircuts and money”

  1. Well I seem to only have a haircut about every 6 months, annual cost £16.

    “hair doesn’t end up looking too short”
    I don’t know what Hannah’s skills are like but if it’s not quite right you can only cut more off to fix it, and that could go further than desired!

    Well done and good luck on money saving.

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