As you may or may not know, over 40 percent of British Members of Parliament are on Twitter.  They seem to enjoy the power of sharing their thoughts quickly with a global audience as they recently voted against a motion that would have banned the use of Twitter during debates.  Of course, having an active social media presence might help them out during elections, so it makes sense for them to engage directly with voters using Twitter and other social networking services.

A new infographic published by Yatterbox takes a look at how U.K. politicians are using social networking services. Yatterbox analyzed 29,571 social media updates from all U.K. politicians with a presence on social networking services and it turns out that Twitter is the most popular way for them to communicate with their supporters.

Of all the posts that were analyzed, 91 percent were sent using Twitter, while Facebook accounted for just
2.4 percent of posts. Most U.K. politicians joined Twitter between 2009 and 2010, but others are still joining up. Prime Minister David Cameron has the highest number of Twitter followers among MPs (1,845,141) followed by Labour Leader Ed Miliband (97,295) and Liberal Democrats Leader Nick Clegg (66,904).

Check out the infographic for more stats about tweet-happy politicians:

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