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0 thoughts on “Cape Town 2010: Ephesians 4”

  1. yeah, I mostly agree . . . although, we have something more incredible that the first prophets OT style – “you will do greater things than these”, was Jesus referring to His own ministry – what did he mean. We also have something else that the early prophets did not have – The Holy Spirit “came upon them” for specific tasks, we have “Christ IN US, the Hope of Glory”, unity is not worked out through understanding the propositional truth through knowledge – it is worked out through relationships . . . Roberts nods to this, in the closer we get to Jesus – but that misses the point . . . if we remember that Christ IS IN US, how can we not be transformed – and be agents of change for the world? There is one Spirit (the Spirit of Jesus) at work in each and every believer . . .

  2. Thanks Ali for the comment, very helpful.

    I think Vaughan would probably go that way if given longer (he had somewhere in the region of 20 minutes) and wasn’t trying to be so expositional.

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