This weekend I was away at the Youthwork Conference, but during the evening session Israel managed to rescue our chances of qualifying for Euro 2008.
Omer Golan, suddenly has the chance of being Britain’s sports personality of the year having done more than anyone else to help England qualify. Golan came off the bench to score the stoppage-time winner meaning that all England need is a point against Croatia on Wednesday.
However, it would have been very different had Dmitri Sychev’s 90th-minute shot gone two inches to the right, giving Russia a win that would have just about ended England’s interest in the competition. Such a result would have made Wednesday’s match all about whether the fans wanted to keep McLaren or not. That still might be the case if England lose to Croatia and allow Russia to leapfrog them by beating Andorra but they will probably get the point they need against the already-qualified guests.
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