Satellite images of the German goal reveals why the linesman didn’t raise his flag…

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0 thoughts on “Rooney fractures foot!”

  1. I was listening to 606 earlier and some man u fans made the point that without Rooney, they are missing strength up front.

    I think in a way, this may be have been Arsenal’s undoing for the past few years. They have had skillful players, but no-one who can muscle there way into the penalty area, or the ‘fox in the box’. Apparently Bendtner did this sort of role when he came on today, so I will be watching MOTD2 with interest tonight

  2. Never heard of him, hope for your sake he is good. I still think that getting rid of Henry was a mistake, but then Wenger always seems to get it right in the end.

    Interested at Grimandi’s comments in the press that Wenger is having to do what David Dein used to do, and how they need to get on put a sporting director in place.

    Unlucky about me trashing you at fantasy football, you still need to get rid of one of your teams though.

  3. He’s been on the books for a couple of years and went on a season-long loan to Birmingham last year and was quite successful. Has since signed a new 5-year deal and Arsenal and has been involved in the friendly matches that they’ve played. Has also had 8 international caps (Denmark), scoring 3 goals. Not bad for a 19 year old!

    Have got rid of a team!

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