Check out this article – It’s Knitting Needles You Want, Not iPhones [The Independent]. It was headlined in the Youth Specialties Update this week. Hear are some highlights:

Young people, under pressure to communicate through so many media channels, still crave their gadgets, but also want some low-tech time out and one-dimensional products.
The findings come in D-Code, an annual study produced by Henley Centre Headlight Vision (HCHV), a strategic consultancy owned by the advertising giant WPP, which tracks youth culture. Due out at the end of November, the study is considered the manual for future trends. It forms the basis for brand campaigns and new product launches at leading multinationals.

HCHV’s chairman, Crawford Hollingworth, says this year’s findings were unexpected: “Young people’s circuits are overloaded. They can’t keep on top of their email, surf their Facebook, handle their Second Life avatar and upload their Flickr. They find all this technology that is designed to connect them is in fact disconnecting them. They are actually in multimedia meltdown.”

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