This video shows something that is a bit of a rarity at the moment: Kasper Schmeichel conceding a goal. But here he is Peter’s little boy aged six conceding a sloppy goal in the Old Trafford tunnel. City fans will love the sight of him decked out in his Man United kit! Steve Bruce’s son Alex, currently playing at Ipswich, is the man who beats him at his near post.

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0 thoughts on “Sporting play in football”

  1. Did you see my comment on this? (see my blog). Would’ve netted you a tidy sum, putting a bet on the forest keeper to score first!

  2. What else would you have expected? It was Leicester after all – the cream of the football crop – gentlemen of gentlemen ! Us Leicester lot know how to behave you know!!!! Well, sometimes at least.
    Paula x

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