Research from The Institute of Education, based on a survey of 12,000 children shows that by the age of three, children from disadvantaged homes are up to a year behind in their learning than those from more privileged backgrounds. Graduates’ children were seen to be 12 months ahead of those of the least well educated in tests on their grasp of letters, numbers, colours and shapes. And disadvantaged children’s vocabulary skills were 10 months behind their more advantaged peers.

One of the researchers, Dr Heather Joshi, said: “The advantaged children tended to be way ahead of the average and the disadvantaged children were lagging behind. If you look at the front-runners and the runner ups – there’s almost a year’s worth of differences.”

This shows the challenges that schools face. If a year’s worth of learning is the difference by the age of 3 no wonder there can be problems trying to provide for all in one classroom.

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