Having had some time off this week I randomly came across Leave Us Kids Alone on BBC 3, and I have loved watching it. The gist of it is that 12 older teenagers are given three weeks to create and run their own school, from scratch. They are given a group of 12 year olds to look after. They have to look after the pupils, including feeding them, organising activities as well as creating a curriculum. In addition they had regular inspections from ex-OFSTED inspectors to ensure they kept up to scratch. To make it even more pressured the teenagers have to live together in the school – so the pressure is there all the time.

It was fantastic to watch their strengths and weaknesses, to see how they coped with the responsibility. The two most interesting things were watching who and how they coped with being head teacher; and how they revised the curriculum – at first it started off pretty much the same as a normal school but with the lessons being slightly more lively, after a while though they completely changed this and tried hosting themed days where all subjects were focussed on the same theme.

I think there is one more programme tomorrow night so keep a look out if you have BBC 3.

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