Everest climber returns to mountain to bury woman he was forced to abandon 9 years ago: Ian Woodall, will wrap a woman he had to leave on Everest in May 1998 in an American flag, lay her to rest within sight of the summit she had earlier conquered, and cover her with a cairn of stones and boulders to shield her body from view.

scrabbleBig game of scrabble: Jane and Keith Crane of Akron, Ohio created an eight-foot square Scrabble board for their back garden!

Mexico breaks kissing records: Almost 40,000 people gathered together on Valentine’s day to break the world record for most simultaneous kisses.

Kissing banned at railway station: Couples have been banned from kissing at Warrington Bank Quay Station because it holds up commuters.

water-on-marsLiquid found on Mars!: NASA’s Phoenix lander may have captured the first images of liquid water on Mars – droplets that apparently splashed onto the spacecraft’s leg during landing, according to some members of the Phoenix team.

Online networking ‘harms health’: Social networking sites could be harming people’s health by reducing levels of face-to-face contact, an expert claims.

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