Wow, being a Liverpool fan seems to get even worse this season.  I’m now being ribbed by 10 year old children at church because we’re that bad.  To lose to Portsmouth, the bottom club of the Premiership is more than embarrassing.

Surely after the weekend’s performance Benitez and the players need a good talking to by someone.  Why on earth did we play with such a defensively minded team, against one of the worst defenses.  Our only truly attacking players were Torres, Gerrard and Kuyt.  Kuyt who can be a great player seems to have lost the plot in the last few weeks, whilst Torres is lacking fitness and Gerrard is missing his sparkle.  I don’t understand why tactically we would only play with 1 striker against the bottom team, surely we should have been near all-out attack.

But most worrying is the lack of heart our team seems to have.  Alan Hansen said that as he watched our players leaving the pitch, only Carragher, Reina, Gerrard and Torres looked to be really disappointed about the result.  If that’s even nearly true then we’re not going to be improving anytime soon.

Hopefully Boxing Day will bring a late Christmas present with a good win over Wolves.

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