Respect to Barnsley for their football this last weekend, and their 2-1 FA Cup win over Liverpool, my team. Worryingly it seems that Liverpool no longer treat the FA Cup seriously. Benitez seems to be obsessed with Europe, and doesn’t seem to prioritise either the Premiership or the FA Cup.

Without Torres we don’t seem to be able score, yet he left Torres out (ready for Tuesday night’s European game against Inter Milan), surely a clear indication we might struggle. Yes, Kuyt and Crouch as international strikers should have been able to do the job, but consistently throughout the season they haven’t been able to do the job, Babbel is our next best threat.

Again he left Gerrard out, even after the issues of our match against Havant and Waterlooville, where without captain marvel we nearly lost to a team way further down the leagues than Barnsely.

If Benitez wants us to win silverware surely for these kind of matches he has to pick our best team – I am convinced if Torres and Gerrard had both played from the start of the match we would have been in the draw for the next round today.

We are now out of both domestic cups, already 19 points off the pace in the Premier League, so Benitez better hope that we progress on Tuesday night in the Champions League, certainly a big gamble, because by now his career is beginning to depend on it.

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