Liverpool’s pre-season isn’t going great, although none of the British clubs (apart from possibly Manchester City could claim to have signed any amazing talent).  Alonso’s gone, our debt has been increased as the owners re-financed the club, and we haven’t signed any amazing talents.  So what can we hope for this season?

We were so close in the Premiership race last season, my hope is that even with Alonso leaving, we would still be very close again.  Chelsea don’t quite look sorted, Manchester United have lost Ronaldo and Tevez, and Manchester City have a bunch of stars, but they aren’t playing as a team yet.  If Gerrard and Torres manage more games than last season we’re most definitely in with a chance.

Our squad isn’t looking massive but we must still have a good chance in a domestic cup.  We haven’t made it to the new Wembley, so surely we’re due a trip soon, especially after being at five domestic cup finals in Cardiff – and winning four of them.

We always enjoy Europe, and it often seems to come down to a game against Chelsea.  Again this year I think so much depends on injuries, given the squad doesn’t feel big.  If we stay injury free we have a very good chance of semi-finals and beyond.

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