After revealing next season’s Warrior home kit last month, the club released the away kit.  Depending on who you asked, they may also have released an LFC branded wetsuit!  It’s intended as a historical reinterpretation of 1900-1906’s alternate kit, a primarily white affair with red socks and a yoke meant to honour the city’s ship building industry, but as with last season’s adidas third kit in white and Manchester City blue that was sold as a re-imagining of the club’s first ever kit, for many the end result appears to have not come together quite as well as would have been intended.

Some will of course like it straight off — after all, enough people liked last year’s blue kit to make it the club’s best selling third strip ever — but it isn’t unfair to Warrior or the club to say that for the most part reaction has been negative.  Luckily for all involved, the shirt appears to look better when it’s actually on a player than it does when viewed in isolation, so there’s always the chance that once it’s been seen a few times in action it will begin to grow on people.  And of course if the club wins a trophy or four in it, it could end up the most beloved away kit in recent memory

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