This main session was fairly different. The preacher was Pete Greig and he felt a strong calling to move away from what he had planned to speak on and instead raise up on the importance of the Stop the Traffik campaign. He encouraged us to:

Read the signs – he highlighted the importance of what John Stott terms “double reading”. We must read both the Bible and culture. At the moment there are so many issues in the world we must be aware of this. Stop the Traffik should be a priority for us, and he challenged us to commit to a vigil of prayer on Sat 24th March 2007. He highlighted that in Chinese the word dangerous literally means ‘dangerous opportunities’. Let us make the most of the opportunities.

Recognise the Son – we must make the effort to find Jesus in one another – in our differences and difficult times. He highlighted the costly nature of it, but the power of it, through the example of the Amish community in USA following the mass shooting in their community.

Recognise yourself – we need to reconcile ourselves – now, not later. He quoted Robert McCheyne “my peoples greatest need is my personal holiness”, not preaching, programmes or strategy.

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0 thoughts on “Christian responses to the Golden Compass”

  1. I saw the film last night with a couple of friends from You can read my review of it here. I’ve also listed some good sources for discussion materials.

    We didn’t think the film was very good, and in the light of how powerful our God is, and how many other false prophets have come and gone, I think the Christian community is just helping publicize a very expensive uninteresting film.

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thanks for the comment. I would agree with what you say – I think sometimes the Christian community overeacts. They worry that something is bad – puts lots of effort into campaigning against, which only brings more attention to it causing them a problem.

    Enjoyed having a look at the website.


  3. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate your comments.

    Since you’re a reader, you might want to check out The Shack. It’s a great make-you-think about God in a new way book.

    Best regards!

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