Prospective owner of Mansfield Town plans to rename the club Harchester United, after Sky’s Dream Team. No, it’s not April 1st

John Batchelor who is bidding to buy Mansfield Town is planning to rename the club Harchester United after the former Sky series The Dream Team.  Producers of the Sky series confirmed Mr Batchelor had made an approach to use the name.

However a Football League spokesman told BBC Radio Nottingham they would have to approve any change in name.

Mr Batchelor said:

Football supporters in general have to understand that if they want professional football in their town, they have to accept it has to be done on a commercial basis.  Harchester is more promotable than Mansfield. That’s not any form of insult to Mansfield at all because it’s a club with a long tradition but it’s just a fact of life.  One club has been on the television for 10 years and the other one hasn’t.

The whole thing seems crazy.  It really irritates me that random business men can try and change a football club to such a large degree.  I’m all for improving results and developing a team but I think ripping the heart of the club out, ignoring fans is going too far.

The whole issue may be resolved anyhow as the club has named the town’s mayor Tony Egginton as their non-executive chairman.  Egginton has branded the take-over scheme “bizarre” and told BBC Radio Nottingham it is no more than a “publicity stunt”.

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