Justin Taylor flagged up a lecture by Jim Hamilton at Southern Seminary on The Typology of David’s Rise to Power: Messianic Patterns in the Book of Samuel. (The link takes you to the manuscript.)

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  1. No one has ever known, seen, heard, felt, anything tangible that can be considered “God”.  If you say you have, you’re lying. No, God did not write the bible, nor did he write any other books (such as the Koran).  But there is one thing we can say about God. More deaths have been result of his name than the combination of all the wars that America has been in.  Apparently, God is responsible for more deaths than Hitler; and let me add that there has been no evidence of ‘Him’ ever saving anyone’s life.  So I say: FUCK GOD! He is a tyrant, an oppressor, and a ruthless killer. He is a commander of death. If he created us, why does he have to allow so much death. Has he abandoned us? Has he gone on vacation?  Why does influence us to kill?

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