I am running a session next weekend on reaching the middle-class syndrome. How do you show a young person that they need God when they have three i-pods etc. I am planning on throwing out some big questions for people to discuss and share ideas but I don’t know if anyone has any pearls of wisdom on this topic. Someone recommended The Road to Whatever: Middle-Class Culture and the Crisis of Adolescence by Elliott Currie. Sounds like an interesting read so will probably end up buying it to look at, give me a shout if you know of any useful literature or have read the book.
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0 thoughts on “Books I have read: 50 Reasons to Buy Fair Trade”

  1. Nice right up. I’ve also read the book and thought that it was stretching it to get to 50. However, it is undeniable that Fairtrade has done more to eradicate poverty and create sustainable development than any other movement or trade practice. Unfortunately, fair trade businesses are facing the same economic troubles that businesses in the North are facing as a result of the credit crunch – seemingly vibrant fair trade businesses are starting to fail because they do not have access to the credit financing that they need. If you would like to learn more about how you or your church group can support fair trade, please visit the Shared Interest website – http://www.shared-interest.com. Shared Interest is the world’s only 100% fair trade lender.

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