Children Matter has linked to this roundtable discussion on how we can effectively work with kids with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. In almost every youth group, there is at least one child with ADHD. Here are some highlights of the discussion:

”Another helpful strategy for some ADHD impulsive kids who often like to get attention is to use them as a teacher’s helper. The teacher, at least for part of the time, can give kids attention by having them help hand out materials or gather things up. It doesn’t work with all ADHD kids, but it can clearly help limit some disruptive behaviour for a number of those kids.”

“In the classroom with the three boys, we have a yellow card/red card system. The teacher hands them a yellow card for a warning signal. Because they’re fourth graders, they understand and think “Oops! I need to hold it back and get it together.” And if they can’t hold it together, they get a red card and I’m called. They sit outside the room in a secure place where I talk to them, pray with them, and help them enter back into the classroom. I also talk to the parents. If the situation is one where they have become so impulsive that a chair flies across the room, they automatically earn a red card. I’m called and I call the parent and discuss what should happen.”

None of the conversation is earth shattering but it has some helpful observations and inputs.

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