Just read on Phil’s blog about a missile base that’s for sale in the US. It is the ideal home for an aspiring James Bond villain, or someone who is just keen to ensure they can surivive anything. Thought it sounded awesome – and at £750,000 it’s a bargain. Here’s a clip of the information:

A former US intercontinental ballistic missile base – with a network of underground tunnels and silos, but no nuclear warheads – is on sale on eBay for $1.5m (£750,000, 1.06m euros). Located in a remote corner of Washington state and still ringed by its original barbed-wire-topped fence, the 56-acre site is being marketed as a gorgeous” property and potential resort. Bari Hotchkiss bought the former base 10 years ago from owners who obtained the property in the 1970s, after the US government deemed obsolete the Titan missiles it was built to launch. “We used to use it as a summer camp, for our kids and their friends,” he told news agency AFP. “The only limit is imagination. We’ve always wanted to see it turn into a summer camp or resort camp,” he said.

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0 thoughts on “Facebook gatecrashers invade birthday party”

  1. Not sure I feel qualified to advise anyone on how to host a party. I think perhaps more time on safe and responsible use of Facebook, etc, might be in order though.


  2. Thanks for the comment – as i think more about it i think it makes sense – we need to share more of our knowledge of responsible use of the web, especially networking sites.

    Nice blog you have.

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