The weekend that was: Friday night was our end of term events.  From the sounds of it a great night for the 11-14s was had at church  doing lots of team activities.  We treated the 14-18s to a night at Caffe Nero – we took down a Wii and projector, some board games, and a guitar and mic for some music.  It was a great chilled out atmosphere and the staff from Neroes were very helpful.  We hope to repeat using their venue again at some point.

Saturday was the usual mixture of anything and everything that a day off is: bit of food shopping, taking stuff to the mobile waste disposal unit, watching Match of the Day and a whole load more.

On Sunday I sat in church for the morning service.  It was nice to sit with Hannah for a service, and a sermon on the interesting topic of guilt and conscience. Sunday night was the double header of speaking to our 11-14s about Easter and then upstairs to speak to our 14-18s on Giftings.  It felt like a good end to our 6 week series on giftings, based on the Network course – something that we hopefully can continue to adapt and use for years to come.

On my task list this week: Lots of pastoral visits, and planning.

Procrastinating about: Planning for the next 6 months – just need to do a stash load of sessional plans.

Book I’m in the midst of: Still reading Hot, Flat and Crowded: Why the World Needs a Green Revolution by Thomas L. Friedman.

Music that I’ve been working along to: Enjoying The Doves a lot.

How I’m feeling about this week: Hopeful about a number of things, excited about baptisms next Sunday evening.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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