This last weekend has been fun but hard work.

The weekend that was: Friday night we opened up Amicus (our 14-18 year olds Brigade group) to provide a fun alternative to halloween.  It was great to see a number of them come and play games all over the church.  They were also able to teach me how to shrink photos so as to upload them onto facebook, so we also uplaoded 300 photos from our summer activities onto the youth facebook group.

Saturday was a day off so I slept late, and finished the West Wing.  What a great ending, it certainly makes me look back on my days in the Guild of Students at Exeter Uni with fondness, and remember the team atmosphere that is created in the tough and manic times, something that church doesn’t quite seem to have, although maybe that is an age thing, at the uni we were a team of 20-22 year olds all fairly similar in many ways, at the church we are a more diverse group of people.  I won’t say any more before I give the story line away.  Having finished West Wing though I need to decide what to get into next – maybe 24 or Heroes, how about Numbers – comment away with recommendations.

On Saturday I realised how similar my talk for Sunday night was to the one I gave a few weeks ago at a town-wide youth service.  This stressed me out, as I couldn’t really work out how to put the pieces together in a better way.  In the end on Sunday morning I worked out that we would ocntinue looking at how our lifestyle can be evangelistic – we are called to be salt, light and have a different aroma; but then took a step back and looked at the excuses Moses, Gideon and Jeremiah placed in front of God, and how we shouldn’t place excuses in front of him, when we hsould be sharing our faith with our friends.  It seemed to be a good session and the oyung people really responded with commiting to pray that some of their friends would have life changing encounters with Jesus, and we as leaders are going to be praying more for them.

On my to-do list this week: The funding bid went in so it is now catch up time on everything else I should have done.  I need to sort stuff for our trip to The Stand, next Saturday; I’ve been struggling with all the different areas we could be doing something on in the youth ministry here at TBC, I’m hoping this week to write a plan for the next year which will direct our priorities so we know more clearly what is a God thing for now and here, and what is a good thing, but not for here.

Procrastinating about: Preparation for Christmas – Jon needed my material a month ago so I’m well behind.

Book I’m in the midst of: Reading Outbreak by Greg Stier at the moment.

Music that I’ve been working along to: Being enjoying the Worship Central podcasts recently.

How i’m feeling about this week: Hoping we can gain clarity for the next few months.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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