The weekend that was: Friday night was the start of the year for our Brigade groups.  Great to see lots of young people back in the church.  I’m excited about what is going to happen in their groups this year.

Saturday morning was spent trying to sort our trip to the Tim Hughes gig at Worship Central.  Then on to shopping and cooking dinner for our great friends Heather and Rich.  It is always great to spend time with them (and I’m looking forward to our trip to the zoo next time we see each other!).

Sunday morning was lovely.  I got to stay in adult church and sit with Hannah.  Derek kicked off a new series called Questions of Life.  This week addressed the issue How do I become a Christian with a really clear step by step explanation. We had lunch with Chris and Lisa Wollett and their lively children.  It was lovely to be given a roast dinener, and we made the most of the sunny weather by sitting outside!

In the afternoon I met with a cell group leader to catch up on how his group is going, and how I can support him.  Then into the evening service – it has been great to see more young people coming early to the prayer meeting before church.  The atmosphere from that prayer meeting seemed to carry on into the service with a lot of sharing of testimony which was great.  In Senior SNR (14-18 year olds) we spent time digging into Abraham’s life and the way he models faith for us.  All in all a busy but good weekend.

On my to-do list this week: Planning for Christmas is going to be a large element of this week.  Also I’m speaking a fair bit in the next couple of weeks so getting ahead on that would be good.

Procrastinating about: Reading – I’ve got a lot of reading to be doing – including an advance copy of Scot McKnight’s The Blue Parakeet that I need to review.

Book I’m in the midst of: Still on Youth Culture by Walt Mueller, and as I said above there is a big pile to dig through.

Music that I’ve been working along to: Coldplay has hit the top of the list this weekend.

How i’m feeling about this week: Feeling tired, and seeing a few late nights coming up.

Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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