Fabrice Muamba has revealed he played football again just two months after collapsing on the pitch.  The Bolton Wanderers player collapsed with a heart attack during an FA cup match in March against Tottenham.  Now he’s revealed that he played football when he went on holiday to Dubai in May.  He said:

“I was on holiday and I was staying in a hotel and there were quite a few footballers in the hotel as well.  The staff usually play against the visitors so I was by the pool and I heard they were playing football.  Then I went across and saw other footballers playing and I told my friends and Shauna – I told her ‘I am sorry but I am going to play football.’  She goes ‘are you sure?’ and I say ‘yes’ and I just went in there.  I just went in through the groove and played for about 20-25 minutes. It was just playing like normal, it was just playing like I was training. It was great, I enjoyed it.”

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