There’s a new 9Marks ejournal available focusing on making disciples in the local church.  From Leeman’s introduction to the issue:

Discipling is not a program. It is not a podcast preacher. It is not a one-size-fits-all information transfer.

It is life-on-life loving in word and deed.

Jesus told us to make disciples, which means it is a basic part of the Christian life. But we are not always sure how to get a handle on it, or what it looks like.

If you are a pastor or elder, you should be leading the way in discipling younger individuals in the faith. Your instruction and example should be helping to cultivate a culture of discipleship in your church. Does that sound intimidating? If it does, are you sure you are called to be an elder?

The contents:

Pastors Who Make Disciples

The Heart of a Disciple-Making Pastor
By Bobby Jamieson
What is the essential quality of a disciple-making pastor? Rejoicing in others’ ministry. Read more >

Discipling: More than a Podcast Preacher
By Jonathan Dodson
Podcast sermons can never replace in-person spiritual fathers. Here’s how to recover a relationally mediated gospel. Read more >

Elders—The Church’s Lead Disciple-Makers
By Jeramie Rinne
The goal of shepherding is the maturity of the members. Therefore, elders should be the church’s lead disciple-makers. Read more >

How Can Pastors Raise Up Leaders?
By Bobby Jamieson
Here are thirteen ways you can help to raise up other leaders in your congregation. Read more >

Basics of Discipling

Discipleship According to the Scriptures
By Garrett Kell
Disciples are called to follow Christ, and following him means helping others follow him. Read more >

Discipling When You Need to Be Discipled
By Erin Wheeler
Ever feel like you have no business playing teacher because you’re still a student? The gospel reminds us that God’s power is made perfect in our weakness. Read more >

Discipleship and the Paradoxes of Growth
By Garrett Kell
As Christians, we live by dying and rest by striving. But how do these paradoxes practically play out in discipleship? Read more >

A Discipler’s Daily Itinerary
By Jonathan Leeman
It is not always easy to figure out where discipling fits into the busy week. But here is a sample of what a day might look like. Read more >

Fruits of Discipling in the Church

Six Benefits of Evangelism for Discipleship
By Brian Parks
Here are six ways that treating evangelism as a necessary part of discipleship helps to grow mature disciples.Read more >

A Sacred Trust: Reflections on Discipling Women
By Jani Ortlund
What better legacy could you leave than generations of women who have learned to love Christ more?Read more >

Member Handout: Plugging Into Discipling Relationships
Here is a sample church handout for teaching new members how to purse discipling relationships in the church.Read more >

Book Reviews

Book Review: Godly Conversation
Reviewed by Bobby Jamieson
Caricatures of the Puritans are like social media platforms: they seem to multiply and spread so quickly that it’s hard to keep track of them all. One common slur on these seventeenth-century saints is that they were dour, hard-bitten individualists for whom the pinnacle of spiritual maturity was spending a week straight praying in private with no sleep, no food, and no human contact.Read more >

Book Review: Gospel Coach: Shepherding Leaders to Glorify God
Reviewed by Bob Buchanan
Gospel-hyphenated book titles seem to be everywhere these days. I am thankful that the gospel is getting attention for more than “entry-level Christianity.” It is good to remind believers that, as Tim Keller puts it, a Christian never gets beyond the gospel. Yet it takes more than a title to center a book on the gospel.    Read more >

Book Review: There’s Hope for Your Church
Reviewed by Zach Schlegel
No church is perfect. Well, not yet anyway. Christ laid down his life for the church and will one day present her holy and blameless. But this side of heaven, churches are filled with sinners fighting for holiness. So whether a pastor hopes to plant a church, revitalize, or has served in the same place for decades, reform is always on the agenda. How can a pastor lead his congregation to reach more people with the gospel? Grow in holiness? Resolve divisions and disputes? Train up future leaders?Read more >

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