Dr. J. I. Packer preaches on Hebrews 13:7-8 at a recent memorial service in Vancouver for John Stott.

Toward the end, Packer remarks:

It’s a wonderful privilege to start something that goes on and grows after you have given to it all that you are able to give. I believe that the kingdom zeal–if I may use that phrase–of evangelicals all around the world, and most certainly Anglican evangelicals, has been greatly increased through John’s ministry. I think that his vision for a renewed church, which was there right from the very start of his ministry–that vision has been picked up and is being maintained and is still exciting people just as it began to excite people when John expounded it.

Yes, John, by the grace of God, started something. Something wonderful, something rich and comprehensive and evangelical to its fingertips. And now it’s for us to pick up the torch and in our own situations–our own churches, our own districts, our own homes, and wherever we go–it’s for us to carry on what John began.

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