Books I have read

Over Christmas I have read two books. The first was Catching Monsters by David Bright. This book isn’t for the faint hearted. David Bright writes well, but this is not a book that gives you a nice happy glow inside. What is does do is reveal some of the things that he was involved in […]

Goal setting, resolutions and the New Year

New Year can be a great time to set goals or aims, or what seemed to be simply known as resolutions. In the summer I had a go at trying to make some goals and aims for my life and work and after reading various different things, including Marko, Little Alice and a random website, […]

Haircuts and money

With us buying our first house Hannah and I have been looking at ways in which we can save money. We realised that if I get my haircut once every month then that costs us £150 each year. If Hannah could cut my hair then it costs us nothing! So today we went to Boots […]

What does the execution of Saddam Hussein achieve?

Maybe I am being controversial here, but I’m not sure that the execution of Saddam Hussein achieves all that so many people are saying it will. I know that it is important that we in the West encourage Iraq to develop and uphold its judicial system, and that a key part of that is in […]

Christmas and Boxing Days

What a weird set of days – Christmas is great with so much excitement but then Boxing Day so often feels like an anti-climax where everyone is type of unsure what to do, should they just do nothing, but then they get bored, or should they get on with all those jobs they have been […]

Great Christmas quote

I receive a daily quote on e-mail each day and saw this and thought it was a fantastic quote: “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Hamilton Wright Mabi

Merry Christmas

With thanks to David for the picture – have a great Christmas.

More Christmas games

Here are a couple more Christmas games that we were playing earlier in the week. I can’t remember whose website I first saw them on but they are highly addictive and great fun! Hitting penguins with a bat and ski-jumping Only start playing these if you have some spare time!

Catch up

Well as I have already said it has been a while since I last posted. Christmas busyness really seems to have set in this week or maybe I just did one or two bits of actual work! Monday and Tuesday were spent sorting and filing. I love the feeling of having tidied stuff and really […]

Around the blogsphere

How annoying. I had written a post catching up with some of the best bits around the world and then it was deleted and I couldn’t get it back. How annoying. Anyhow here are some of the best bits, take two! Kurt has a good post on going off track and allowing your youngsters to […]

Random ramblings

Christmas is really coming! Friday I spent time doing preparation for our Christmas events for our different youth groups – we are doing a Christmas dinner for the Monday Night Chillout (our 16-18 year olds), an old style Christmas party with all the old games and food for Rock ‘Ard (our 13-16 year old youth […]

Quick catch up

At the moment everything seems so busy that my rhythm of blogging seems to be going down the pan. Much of my time seems to have been spent on the combination of Christmas events and activities and the process of trying to buy a house. Yesterday I helped to lead the carol service for one […]

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