Quantity or quality; and discipline

It’s nice to be noted by Ian for my “prolific” blogging – although I am not sure it is a good thing – surely there are other things I should be doing, and I am reminded of the phrase my PE teacher always used to shout “quality not quantity”. I do try to write something […]

Mentos and diet coke

Marko has put up the new mentos and diet coke experiment. I remember first hearing about this when Scott Mills and Chappers did the experiment on the roof of Radio 1 as part of their afternoon show. Looks great fun although these guys obviously have way too much time on their hands:

The speed of change

I am involved in running a CU at two local secondary schools. A couple of months ago one of the groups was really taking off with about 12 young girls (mostly non-Christian) coming along and getting stuck into the bible, while the other group was full of more experience Christians who just weren’t gelling and […]

Closest Book Meme and other things

Marko has really been on form with his posting recently. Highlights include the hilarious Butt Scan story, and the Closest Book Meme which works as follows: The rules are:1. Grab the nearest book.2. Open the book to page 123.3. Find the fifth sentence.4. Post the text of the next four sentences on your blog, along […]

Internet Explorer 7

The new Internet Explorer 7 has been a pretty good experience for me. I enjoy being able to tab through different sites rather than require lots of windows, however, it has taken quite a bit of using to get used to accessing the favourities. My only bug bear is that, as Lev has mentioned the […]

Listening ear

We are continually seeing opportunities to develop our schools work in the local 5 schools that our church partners with. Today was a start of a new activitiy that we are hoping to develop in one of the local primary schools – a listening ear service. Basically I will provide a listening ear for children […]

Gaining feedback from young people

There is a great post over at youthideas about gaining feedback from young people about what they want from their group. Nigel’s questionnaire is definitely something I might well be adapting and using in the next week as we plan what we will be doing next term. What wacky games or trips have you done […]


Today I have mainly been … networking. Following an early morning secondary school assembly on the true meaning of Christmas I spent the morning in our staff team meeting and then trying to come up with a plan with Tessa (a retired lady who volunteers her time to try and organise the paper that goes […]

The weekend

It is amazing how easy it is to miss a couple of days of blogging, the disciplines of spending time with God and others similarly can be so quickly pushed to the side in the busyness of everything else. The last few days have been fairly hectic with some exciting things and some less exciting […]

When things go wrong …

However much you prepare things can still go wrong in youth work. Tonight, at our Rock Solid group, we were playing a game entitled Mousse in the Dark. The idea was that two volunteers would feed each other mousse or yoghurt while blindfolded. We put plastic sheeting down on the floor, put big plastic aprons […]

Ministry struggles

Josh Griffin has a really good post summing up the needs and/or struggles of ministers. While it is based on an American context I would suggest that they are all pretty big issues in the United Kingdom.

More hoody victimisation

Great post over at Sunday Papers, by Richard Passmore, linking to an experiment the Salford Star. Armed with camera phones and a tape recorder, the Salford Star team sent a group of lads to the Lowry centre. “We won’t last two minutes,” was the teens’ prediction. Very interesting results. Check out the results here here.

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