The YFriday gig on Saturday night was great. We had just under 350 people at the gig. The bands were great – the music was really eclectic – punk rock, hip hop, and pop rock combined with worship – something for everyone. Lindz from LZ7 did a mini gospel talk which went down really well […]

Secondary school CUs

Today has been filled with secondary schools work – a couple of lessons on the true meaning of Christmas and two lunchtime CUs. One of the CUs has had an increase in older pupils attending and so is becoming more self-sufficient – they are keen to run their own sessions and we are there as […]

Goings on from around the world

It seems that Marko’s seminars at the Youth Specialities conference are prone to being at bit more random than at the Youthwork conference. In this post in his blog he recounts how “three belly-dancers came into the back of our room and started belly-dancing up the main aisle” and “all 200 or 250 of us […]

Good times

Stuff is pretty hectic at the moment which means I haven’t had a chance to go over more of my notes from the Youthwork Conference and then post up some of my thoughts. Hopefully I will be able to grab some time to do that at the start of next week. At the moment I […]


Yesterday I really didn’t do much – it was my day off, but it is not great for Hannah, my wife, but I needed the break. I slept in all morning – and I still feel tired – I get the feeling I need to get more sleep. In the afternoon I did some tidying […]

Main session 4: One life at a Time (Luke 15:1-7)

This session was an okay session, but not the normal inspiring end of conference round up that you normally got. Danielle Strickland was preaching and spent a lot of time on personal stories from her life and how they illustrate how we get alongside people. They were helpful stories and anecdotes but I would have […]

Models of Mission: Preaching relevantly

This was a good seminar, by Gavin Calver, from Youth for Christ, especially in the context of what Rob Bell had said on Friday at the early day (I will post more about that later). Gav obviously believes that preaching is still highly relevant but that it should only be done by those with a […]

Schools work: 5 key principles for successful schools work

This session was led by Chris Curtis, from LCET, who always writes very well in Youthwork magazine so I was looking forward to this session. In many ways he didn’t really say anything that new or exciting, but in other ways he made some quite big suggestions in the way we do schools ministry. He […]

Main session 3: Understanding our World (Luke 12:54-59)

This main session was fairly different. The preacher was Pete Greig and he felt a strong calling to move away from what he had planned to speak on and instead raise up on the importance of the Stop the Traffik campaign. He encouraged us to: Read the signs – he highlighted the importance of what […]

Faith Development: From Unchurched to Churched

This session was run by Pete Brierley, Danielle Strickland, and Jim Partridge. The gist of the session was to look at two modes of doing youthwork: the attractional mode and the incarnational mode. As a church our youth work has always been fairly attractional – it is based around clubs and activities that we invite […]

Youthwork the Conference

I have been away at Youthwork Conference so did not blog over the weekend. What a great conference it was – I know some people say that it isn’t their cup of tea but I found it a real encouragement – a great time to receive teaching, reflect on what we have been doing, think […]

You’ve been spammed

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