PDA v Filofax

I posted about this a while ago and having spent the last month trying to use a PDA I am still unsure as to which one to choose. The advatanges of a PDA are that it syncs automatically with Outlook; and there are about a billion other things I could do with it. The disadvantage […]


Time has been on my thougths recently. How often we try to fit in ridiculous amounts into a 24 hour period. I have been struck by two things. Firstly this quote by Roy Lessin: There is always time enough in a day to do God’s will. And secondly Psalm 23 – The Antithesis The clock […]

Baptism – the alternative version

Hilarious video regarding baptism: Thanks to Nick Lear for passing it on.

A whirl around the world wide web …

I love this time of year for the thoughts that appear on blogs and that are expressed verbally as so much training happens and youth workers take time to step back for 30 seconds and reflect on their ministry. So I thought I would give a quick map of some great thoughts and/or discussions that […]

Yes, yes, yes!!!!!

We got a good chunk of money last night: Monday Night Chillout – £2,000 Rock ‘Ard – £1,000 Rock Solid – £1,334 So out of the £8,160 we applied for we received £4334 all just for a few hours of work. Fantastic – now we get to spend it!

Funding awards evening

Tonight is the night – tonight is the local presentation evening for the Childrens Fund and the Challenge 2000 Project funding. We have been told that we have got some money but they don’t tell us till tonight how much we get. We have applied for £8,500 – let’s hope we get a good chunk […]

Pirate Week

Ahoy! Today, me hearty, I be Mad Cap’n Kidd, yer pirate. Many of the local schools seem to be having a themed week or days based upon pirates – it all seems to be linked to book fairs. So today when I am in school I am dressed like a pirate! How great is youth […]


I took a big beating last night at the youth clubs trip out to Rayleigh Megazone. The last time I took a group of young people I came 3rd and 1st in the two games. This time I came 15th and 17th (out of 17) – how embarrassing!

Long time – no blogging!

Wow – how rubbish have I been at blogging. Lots to catch up on. I have had a section of time off today. Because I am having to work every Saturday (my normal day off) throughout November I am taking Monday’s off. Today I had a great lie in, following a late night last night. […]

Great posts at Youthblog

Ian has been posting some great stuff like this great post with the following quote: In 100 years time nobody will care how much you earned, but the world may be a different place because you were important in the life of a child! Pedalling My Thoughts, Ian’s other’s little project seems to have died. […]

Random bits going on in life

Having got back from New York most of the weekend was spent preparing for a preach I was doing in church on Sunday morning. I had been given the opportunity to share something from my heart about why and what we do in children’s and youth work. I am really grateful (particulaly afterwards!) when I […]

New York – Days 5 and 6

Our last day in New York we spent most of the day shopping – it was good fun although we found that most of it was at designer prices which we didn’t want to payso we didn’t end up buying too much. However, I did manage to get a pair of smart trousers worth £50 […]

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