New York – Day 3

On our third day we started off by taking the free commuter ferry to Ellis Island to catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. It is amazing that the ferry is provided free of charge – that would never happen on this scale in the UK. It was cold and all of us, bar […]

New York – Day 2

Sam and Sarah live in the middle of Manhatten just a few minutes from Wall Street, and Broadway: And here is the view from their apartment. Wow! In the morning we went up the Empire State Building. The views were amazing. I especially liked this ‘arty’ photo with the light cutting across the image and […]

New York – Day 1!

Hannah and I are in New York. We are visiting our friends Sam and Sarah. Sam works for Harper Collins and is out here working till Christmas and we thought it was too good an opportunity not to visit them during half-term. Here are some photos from our first day – most of which was […]

Busyness before a rest

Today has been spent preparing for and running our two lunchtime CUs that we are involved in and tying up loose ends in the work, such as those funding applications, before having a few days off. It is always so silly the way that we try and cram everything in just before we go away. […]

School in local newspaper

One of the schools I regularly work in recently held a community tea so that the new head teacher could meet other heads, community leaders, church leaders etc. It seemed to go quite while and as part of it the Brentwood Gazette came to interview her and took a photo with some of her ‘key […]

Awesome video on real beauty

A few people (especially Marko and Josh) have been highlighting this great video. Really useful for thinking about real beauty with young people.

Doodle – arrange your meetings

I saw this on PastorHacks.Net and thought this looks quite useful. I have a couple of groups of people who meet with but we don’t have fixed regular meetings so it can be quite hard to get everyone together. Doodle sorts this out for you. As Bob Hyatt says: 1. Create a new poll with […]

Funding opportunities

I wanted to post this last night but I didn’t get the chance – the first time I have not posted on a weekday! I sit on a local town-wide committee that brings various different agencies and providers who link together through youth work and puts them around a table once a month. I sit […]

My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance have a great single out at the moment which has just got them their first UK number one. I like the tune with the wide variety that exists in just the one song but I think the words are really interesting. For example: He said, “Son when you grow up, would you […]

John Stott interview

Justin Taylor highlights Christianity Today interviewing John Stott on evangelicalism. Al Mohler offers some interesting reflections on this interview.

Who’d be a goalkeeper?

After the Reading v Chelsea game who’d want to be a goalkeeper. Both the Chelsea keepers took quite big hits – with both ending up having to come off Chelsea finished the game with John Terry in goal! Check out BBC Sport’s report on the game. What is interesting is listening to the comments afterwards […]

Simply Youth Ministry Podcast

I love listening to the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. I really enjoy the mixture of some good youth ministry content but also a whole load of banter and laughs. This week’s show (episode 32) is great including, as summed up by Josh, stuff such as : How do we create a team that motivates each […]

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