Possible goal of the season

Robin van Persie scored an awesome goal on Saturday – a real contender for goal of the season – as Arsenal beat Charlton. It was a goal worthy of winning any match. Check it out:

Organising my diary

I have been struggling recently with making my diary work. I use a paper diary for ease of carrying around and being able to quickly scribble additional notes or contacts in it but I have been finding since this academic year restarted that I need more space than I have done previously, and that with the increase in activity that it is getting more of a hassle to manually sync it in with my laptop. I use the laptop because it is easier to store more detail, to link it to email, and for my diary to be seen by others such as the lady who comes in and organises me and does some of my admin.

I have managed to borrow an old pda and a filofax off some friends and am now charging the pda up in the hope that I can test them out for a couple of weeks and see if I can find a system that works better for me. How does anyone else run their diary?

The importance of volunteers

I have been struck recently about the importance of volunteers in work at the church. It is so easy for workers in the church to be seen as the person who has been bought in to do it and they should do it all. But I don’t believe we are called to that – I believe we are called to try and do ourselves out of a job – to ensure we train, develop, encourage and support volunteers to the degree where they can take over our ministry.
The wider the team the easier it is too minister to young people for two reasons: firstly one person can only minister to a few young people, Jesus only had twelve disciples and even then he concentrated more on three of the twelve; secondly, hopefully the bigger the team the more varied your team members the more varied the young people you will be able to care for. I am blessed that I enjoy sport and playing sport with young people but I have some leaders who are great at craft, music, dance, drama etc.

Anyone else got any thoughts?

Starting out …

Starting things is always hard work – the first post always feels so uncomfortable. Whilst working as a Children’s & Youth Worker I have noticed the increasing amount of people using blogs to organise their thoughts and share ideas etc. with others and thought I might give it a try … so here goes!