I normally blog about football on a Sunday, but I can’t resist commenting on tonight’s football.  I’ve just watched one of the best displays of European football by an English club that I’ve ever seen.  Arsenal completely controlled AC Milan, in the San Siro.  And as much as I am not an Arsenal fan, they did fully deserve their victory, especially in the context of hte first leg at the Emirates.  Here are some random thoughts from the game:

  • An English team has finally won: What a great way for an English club to finally beat AC Milan at the San Siro.
  • Flamini came into play:Fabregas controlled the game, but he couldn’t have done it without Flamini.  Flamini is definitely not an extra, he is a star in his own right.
  • AC Milan are humble:AC Milan took the defeat with good grace, most clearly seen in their captain Maldini, that is in real contrast to teams such as Chelsea.
  • AC Milan need to buy a better goal keeper:Kalac should have been able to save Fabregas’ goal, but was too slow getting down to save it.  It is surprising that AC Milan don’t have a better keeper.
  • AC Milan need a rethink: By the end of this season they need a big clear out of both manager and players.  Their season is now over, they can’t win anything, so a real chance to bring in fresh young talent, and new ideas,
  • It was an advert for European football: It was simply a good game, especially in contrast with the tightness of other European matches.
  • Arsenal could still win nothing this season:Not the most positive thought, but Arsenal are still only through to the quarter finals, they have a long way to go to be successful in Europe, only the mighty Liverpool(!) seem to be able to do that.

Arsenal goal

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