Unashamed Workman has a great post about Managing Preaching’s Physical Demands. I really enjoyed having a scan read, and is something I could agree with, and will probalby try and read more of the articles . It is one of the reasons why I so enjoy having Tuesday as my day off. It means I can split the week more effectively. I work hard with church activities on Sunday, and then various groups on Monday evening; Tuesday is time off; Wednesday is schools work and church/deacons meeting; thursday is more youth clubs; Friday is admin and lunch club in a local secondary school; Saturday is admin and more time off.
Here are a few quotes from Colin’s post:

1. Managing the diary
Its a common joke among our staff team that we’re hoping to switch to an eight day week. Every pastor knows that there are always more demands on his time than he can possibly meet. Yet how often do we attempt to fulfill impossible expectations? Our diaries are over full, and the next week ‘when things will be less busy’ never materializes. …

2. Managing sleep
… David Gunderson’s article “A Theology of Sleep” for more practical thoughts on this area. Some of his main recommendations are:1. Fight to have pure motives when you think about how much or how little sleep to get.2. Monitor your body and how much sleep you need.3. Brace yourself for the rest of life by reminding yourself that the tension in this issue will remain.4. Try and plan to get good, consistent sleep (e.g., ear plugs, consistent bedtime and wake-up time, quiet room, bedtime patterns, etc.).5. Don’t feel guilty about sleeping!6. It is not inherently selfish to ask someone to be quiet so that you can sleep (see Prov 27:14). …

3. Managing food
… Not once or twice, I have left the house on a Sunday morning, remembering to grab a piece of fruit as I run out the door (and this is my breakfast!). We can be so consumed with feeding the sheep their spiritual food, we can forget the physical food God has given to sustain us. …

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