A fantastic news story – a chief constable has checked whether his own police headquarters is safe against burglars – by scaling scaffolding and climbing through a window. North Wales Police’s Richard Brunstrom staged the “break-in” because he was concerned there was a security risk. The building at Colwyn Bay, Conwy, is undergoing a £3.4m refurbishment.
The chairman of his police authority said security had increased as a result – but he would not advise anyone else to repeat Mr Brunstrom’s actions. It is not known whether Mr Brunstrom was wearing any safety equipment as he climbed the scaffolding. It also remains unclear how many of the building’s four storeys he scaled.

It is far from the first time Mr Brunstrom has been in the headlines. He is outspoken against speeding motorists, wants drugs to be legalised, and has allowed himself to be “shot” with a Taser stun gun as the force expanded the use of the weapons to rural areas.

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