At the start of each new year my church hosts a series of prayer meetings for the church to gather together and pray for the new year.  Tonight the theme was children’s and youth work, so I thought I’d post up here some of our prayer notes:

Give thanks for …

  • The £35,000 of external funding that has enabled the youth cafe.
  • Youth Alpha at Carroty Wood (Sep-Nov 2009) at which 7 of our young people attended, with a number making personal commitments.
  • Give thanks for the 9 young people (aged 14-16) who went to Sheppey to help Dave Baxter’’s church with Christmas holiday clubs and family services.
  • The Christian Union, set up in September at Hugh Christie which now averages 7 young people and the Refreshment lunch club, also set up in September which averages over 50 young people.
  • The opportunity Chris was given to lead the Hugh Christie Christmas assembly, speaking for 15 minutes about the first Christmas to over 1400 people.
  • The high number of young people at GB (Fri PM – 11-14 years) and Amicus (Fri PM – 14-18 years).
  • Great young people at R’’n’’R (Sun AM – 11-14 years) who are keen to learn and grow in their faith.
  • SNR’s growth in numbers; pray that young people continue to grow at church.
  • 70 young people and 22 leaders involved in our 10 Youth Cells across the town.
  • The 9 young people we baptised in 2009 and the high number of young people interested in being baptised already in 2010.

Some Prayer Points …

  • Pray for the senior leaders and their teams.
  • Pray for youth cell leaders as they teach, care, encourage, challenge, host and much more.
  • Pray for 2 more leaders to join R’n’R, 1 for GB, 1 for BB, and 1 for the Marching Band.
  • Pray for the Residential Planning Team as they run 3 residentials this year (Feb, May and Aug).
  • Pray for Sarah Marfleet and Chris as they co-ordinate a number of mission opportunities, including taking seven year 13s to India, a repeat visit to Sheppey in Dec, and year 7-9 joining in Bash the Trash mornings.
  • Pray for Lydia as she continues to develop our mentoring and pastoral care of young girls, she’s hosting an event for year 7-9 girls.
  • Pray for those who teach/preach and lead worship at R’n’R and SNR, especially Dan Potter as he develops creativity.
  • Pray for Chris P, Dan and Lydia as they all work closely with year 7 classes providing pastoral support and care to pupils.
  • Pray for Lydia as she develops fortnightly community projects with a year 7 class at Hugh Christie.
  • Pray for Chris K as he works with Pastoral Assistants with Hugh Christie’s year 8-13s running a mentoring group and a caseload of pupils with severe needs, e.g. anger management.
  • Pray for Fair Trade days at Tonbridge Grammar School & Hugh Christie College
  • Pray for the way we help those in year 6 (10-11 year olds) to move into our youth work, and the work we do in local schools to help pupils move from primary to secondary school.
  • Pray for the Young Leader training being developed in 2010 for the 27 young leaders we have.
  • Pray for the Youth Café opening on Monday and Tuesdays 3.15-5.00pm – pray that we would see many young people attending, and coming on Sundays, because of the Café.
Married to the amazing Sarah and raising Jakey, Daniel, Amelia, Josh & Jonah in our blended family. Passionate for Jesus, social work & sport.

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