I have just heard on the news that Ruth Kelly has lost her case against the Daily Mirror over its coverage of her decision to educate her son, who has learning difficulties, privately. While I understand that we have a right to know certain bits of information about a public figure – but I do feel in this case it was harsh.
She said she had removed her son from a state school after advice from her local education authority recommended he be placed in a school “able to meet his particular needs”. So the local education authority tells her that it is best for her son to be educated privately so that his needs can be met. She happens to be in a job where she is able to afford it, she passionately cares for her son and does it, even though it goes against her political views. Her 3 other children are still educated in state schools. I struggle at this point to see why this intrusion is necessary – it seems to be making a story out of nothing.
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