The BBC are highlighting how there were 343,840 suspensions of teenagers in English secondary schools last year for things such as assault, abuse, bullying and disruption.

Education Minister Jim Knight said schools were using the “short, sharp shock” to nip problems in the bud. Mr Knight said: “The rise in fixed period exclusions reflects the tough approach schools are taking to address bad behaviour.”

There were 9,170 permanent exclusions from primary, secondary and special schools.
That was 3% less than the previous year. But – with falling school rolls – the rate was unchanged at 0.12% of the school population or 12 pupils in every 10,000.

In our church some of the youngsters we are working with have been partially excluded, for example two are only allowed to go into school for just under a day a week. Unsurprisingly with no other provision for the rest of the time they struggle with basic skills and cause more trouble in the local community. It is something that has got me thinking about how, as a church, we can support those youngsters in providing one-on-one support, and some placement opportunities.

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