What to ask the hiring manager at the end of an interview can always feel a little awkward, like you’re trying to change the interview so that you are interviewing them.  Fortune has written on the importance of this in 6 Questions to Ask a Job Interviewer, suggesting that you take time to ask the hiring manager about their experiences at the company, and frame it in as positive a light as you can.

For example, questions like “With all the growth here, how do you feel the company has changed since you came on board?” and “What do you find most exciting about working here?” will show the interviewer you’re interested in the day-to-day, but you’re also aware of the growth and change happening at any company.  Also, consider asking about the direction of the company, or the department you’re interviewing for, showing that you’re capable of thinking strategically.

They suggest questions on the following themes:

  1. Why?
  2. What has been your experience here?
  3. Show your value
  4. Focus on the future
  5. Find out about the culture
  6. What are the interviewer’s selection criteria?

Check out the whole article to get more info.

It never hurts to leave an interview having left the hiring manager with the impression that you’re already invested in their business and what you’d be doing there as well as having learned as much as you can.  Do you have any favorite questions you always ask on an interview?

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