I loved Roy’s blog on new terminologies … same practices

Last week, I had the privilege of attending a 2 day training event.  There was very little that was new but it was clear within the first few minutes that we would have to learn different terminologies, in order to receive the most benefit.  However, the new terminologies helped people to believe that what they were listening to was new.  It was not until reflection had taken place that folk realised that they already knew this ‘stuff’.

So often in life, we operate in exactly the same way – we repackage the old material as if it was new.  The difficulty is that when we take the wrapper off, we discover that things are exactly as they were before.  How different the world would be if, when we took the wrapper off, we discover something new and fresh……now that would be something.

Meanwhile, we continue to learn new terminologies but maintain the same practices.

So often policy and buzz-phrases are merely a recycling of something that everyone was doing previously.  In your life and career what are the things that you’ve seen rebranded a number of times?

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