Cheri wrote a couple of weeks ago about A Classy Recognition Strategy from Microsoft.  She wrote:

When my husband came home from work he handed me an envelope and said “this is for you.”  The card wasn’t from him, it was from Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft.

It said “Thank you for the sacrifices you have made” as a partner of a Microsoft employee.

Yesterday was my husband’s 10 year anniversary of working at Microsoft.  Quite honestly I haven’t considered it any sacrifice, he sometimes works long hours but so do I, and they treat him very well, so I am content.  But I wanted to bring it up here, because I think the simple idea of sending a card to a spouse is pretty classy.

I love these kinds of stories.  In the church where we rely much more on volunteers, families and their support and sacrifice is even more crucial.  It’s got me thinking how could we steal this idea from Microsoft and recognise spouses and children who support their family member in their ministry.

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