Yesterday there were 19 red cards shown in England’s four top divisions – the worst number on a single day since 19 were handed out on December 13, 2003. The main reason for this large number of red cards in one day centres on the recent increase of two-footed lunges which have appeared from nowhere in the last month.

Chelsea’s Portuguese defender Ricardo Carvalho was the worst offender on Wednesday for a wild two-footed assault on Aston Villa striker Gabriel Agbonlahor. He said this after the game:

“It was never my intention to hurt Agbonlahor with the tackle. I was going for the ball and I don’t want people to think I tried to hurt another player. I didn’t see him after the game to apologise but I asked for a message to be passed on to him.”

The two-footed lunge is one of the most stupid and dangerous as it can easily result in the victim suffering a broken leg or ankle. Thankfully no one has ended up in hospital yet but it will happen soon. These kind of tackles can, and have ended careers and need to be stopped. The punishment for this kind of tackle shouldn’t just be a ban for a couple of matches but a long-term ban, more equal to the level of injury that can be sustained on the victim of one of these tackles.

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