Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has revealed Liverpool’s plan to offer teenage starlets Suso, Raheem Sterling and Wisdom a new deal as reward for their progress this season.

17-year-old Sterling has made the biggest impact of the three, and Rodgers has already revealed that he has had discussions with the starlet regarding a new contract. Out of the three youngsters it’s Spaniard Suso that needs an extension quickly as his current contract expires at the end of the season.

Rodgers said:

“He’s in the last year of his contract, and it’s something we will look at.  We did have a couple of offers for Suso in the summer, but I always said I didn’t want him to go.  I felt we had a very good young player so let’s keep him here and we will see where he is in a couple of years. We had offers for him to go abroad but he was keen to stay, he understood he was going to get a chance here.  He is tactically very good, strong technically with the ball. He makes things happen. I love that type of player. Talent finds space. He is a real talent.  He is in the reckoning and he is a good kid as well. I have noticed a big progression in him from the pre-season tour of America – I have seen a real difference in the last couple of months and he has got a good appetite for the game.  He is on the same page in terms of the tactical idea for the team. If his fight matches his talent we will have a very good player.”

Let’s hope all three players can be locked into long term deals now that they have broken into the first team.

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  1. Villeneuve’s comments were really disappointing – totally inaccurate and completely uncalled-for. It’ll be fascinating to see if Hamilton can get his first win from pole…

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