Thought this article on was really a good way to think about last year and move forward. So much of what Shane said resonates with myself. We often end up concentrating on the paper side of the job and not on the young people. Although taking on extra work at schools has been bad in the sense that I now have less prep and study time, in the other end it has been great because it allows me to focus my time on young people. Here are a few good quotes:

3. SIMPLIFY: One thing I had to realize is I needed to use my leadership more effectively. Let them help plan the fundraiser. Let some of them do the announcements. So what if we don’t have a funny video opener or power point game all the time. I became to focused on the event programming, and I forgot my

4. REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE THERE: I read 1st & 2nd Timothy today. It was a great reminder to me of my calling and why I do Student Ministry. I challenge you to take a moment and read these short books of God’s Word. It will refocus you and refresh your heart.

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