Sarah highlighted some new research on Generation Y. The report which summarises Generation Y with six tracks on an iPod:

  • Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not, Arctic Monkeys. IPODs are members of many overlapping communities, virtual and conceptual as much as geographic.
  • Speed of Sound, Coldplay. They are busy and time-pressured, so expect sophisticated and entertaining communications.
  • I can, Nas. They are confident and demanding in work and home life. They want the tools to be as demanding of government.
  • Gold Digger, Kanye West. Value for money is crucial, but they don’t want profit motive to be the driving force behind public services.
  • Standing in the way of control, The Gossip. They want to be offered a selection of good choices, but not the responsibility of having to make all the decisions themselves.
  • Digital love, Daft Punk. Unimpressed by the use of technology for its own sake, they want communication in surprising, elegant ways.

Sarah poses the question:

What six tracks define your generation or your life? I’m putting my thinking hat on for that one. I’d set it as a challenge to others but everyone’s off on hols!

Well as I go off on my holidays I’ll try and think it through – as I don’t think I agree with all the reports choices even though I fit into the middle of their age bracket at 25. What would anyone else choose?

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